Millbank Parkland Venison


Venison is regarded as the premier meat for the health conscious. With the lowest fat, lowest cholesterol and the highest protein content of any meat combined with high iron content and omega 3 our parkland venison is ideal for those on a healthy or low cholesterol diet. Why don't you try our venison haunch recipe.

Venison: 6g/100g fat (beef/chicken/lamb/pork 12-20g/100g)
198 kcal/100g (beef/chicken/lamb/pork 214-286kcal/100g)

Nothing but the best

Millbank Parkland Venison is exclusively sourced from 14 to 22 month old animals in prime condition, the meat is hung for the optimum period of 1 week, resulting in venison which is consistent, tender and of very high quality.

Why is ours the best?

Not all venison is the same. Venison varies within species, age, gender, whether farmed venison or wild venison as well as the condition and health status of the deer. There are 6 deer species in the UK. Scottish venison includes fallow, red, red, roe and sika deer. We believe fallow and roe venison are of the highest quality due to the texture and flavour of the meat. Our choice of deer combined with how we manage and select the deer at Millbank to cosistantly provide the very best culinary experience.