Pulled Venison Neck- high speed

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pulled venison neck

How the recipe was developed:

Pulled Venison neck was a recipe suggestion from a very busy local farmer, Stacey. Make your pulled venison dreams come true by roasting this very slowly.

Difficulty Level:


Type of dish:



Shoulder of venison approx. 2-3kgs or 2 venison necks
packet of Chinese seasoning

Preparation Method:

Roll the venison in the packet of Chinese seasoning
Put the venison in the slow cooker for at least 6 hours, until falling apart then simply pull apart with forks and serve over crisps loaded with cheese, salsa and pickles, cram into sandwiches or fajitas.

Hints and Tips:

The pulled venison neck is delicious in rolls or wraps served with coleslaw or chutney and salad. Use the left overs in a stir fry or make into venison moussaka
After 30th April the fallow venison season is closed so we only sell wild roe venison when it is available, therefore it may take us a couple of weeks to forfill your order during the summer months.
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