About The Venison

Millbank Venison​

Sustainable, Ethical, High Animal Welfare, Low Carbon, Nutritious

Fallow Deer at Millbank

Fallow deer were introduced into Britain from the Mediterranean by the Romans. Initially they were contained within parks but are now found wild in many areas of Britain.

Fallow come in four colours; common which has spots in the summer but is almost grey in the winter, melanistic which appears almost black, white and menil the traditional fallow with prominent white spots throughout the year. All four colour variations are present at Millbank.

The annual cycle begins for the bucks with antler shedding and new antler growth in April, reaching hard antler by August and velvet is clean by September. The rut is generally in October when mating occurs. Gestation is just over 7 months with the does giving birth to fawns in June and July.

Venison is Seasonal

Our Fallow deer are raised on a low input grass system, during cold winter months grassland is supplemented with hay and locally  sourced feed. Due to the breeding season our fallow venison is only available from 1st August through to 30th April. Out with this period we have local Roe venison for sale.

Our venison is ethical, welfare friendly, stress free, low food miles, low carbon footprint, processed in their natural environment.

Why don’t you try our roast venison haunch recipe.

Venison has higher iron levels than any other red meat, contains omega 3 and omega 6 fats in approximate ratios of 1:2 and has less fat than a skinned breast of chicken.

Meat from deer has been important in the human diet since prehistoric times. Venison is a top-quality source of sustainable, low carbon, anti-biotic free high quality food. 

All the venison we produce conforms to all the highest welfare standards and all our animals are free range.

Venison varies from species to species and season to season.

Wild Roe and Sika Venison

Wild venison is produced from deer that roam freely and are processed in the wild. The venison is very sustainable, low carbon, high animal welfare and stress free for the deer

We sell wild roe and sika venison from a nearby Estate managed by  Eskdalemuir Forestry Ltd. This venison is produced from deer who instead of grazing on vast quantities of grass, tend to select easily digestible shoots, young leaves, fruit, fungi and lichens.  

Red Deer

We have a herd of farmed red deer, producing farm assured venison which is marketed by First Venison and sold through Waitrose and M&S. Our farmed red venison is produced with compliance to the requirements of Quality Assured Farm Venison Standard and M&S quality assurance standards.