2012, thanks and testimonials

Millbank Venison

Sustainable, Ethical, High Animal Welfare, Low Carbon, Nutritious

2012 was another busy year, here is a selection of the thanks and recipe’s recieved from some of our customers.

Loin (Sirloin) Trevor Jones.

“Thought I would let you know that the loin of venison you sold us before Christmas was possibly the best piece of meat that I  have ever cooked and served” 
Here’s what Trevor did with it.

Haunch of Venison Danny Muir

“The Haunch of Venison was delicious and so tender. It was many years
since we last had venison and on that occasion it was very dry, so Margaret was
a bit wary. She soon changed her mind when she tasted it. Our meal was delicious and I am so glad that I saw your advert for the venison joints. Thank you very much”

This is Danny’s recipe.

Topside Haunch of Venison Jackie McRae

I can throughly endorse the venison haunch we had as venison Wellington on Christmas day!!!! Absolutely stunning!!! I’m still thinking about it!!!!!! Xx

This is the recipe Jackie used: Venison Wellington

Minced Venison Deborah McCulloch

” when I cooked Venison ragu for my family last night was just wonderful is a great recipe and I wouldn’t change anything, except to make
more of it  so I have some leftovers next time”

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