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Free Range Chickens

Free range chickens are selectively bred to produce poultry meat or eggs. We have both types of hens and have fertile eggs available for sale.

Free range traditional table birds

free range naked neck
free range naked neck cockerel and table bird

We have Transylvanian Naked Neck hens otherwise known as  “turkey vulture” . Naked necks have been selectively bred to produce meat and lay only  a few eggs a year. 8 years ago Santa brought a pair of naked necks who were delivered  chipping out of eggs in our incubator. Following their arrival  they’ve managed to lay about 20 eggs over their lifetime. As you have probably guessed we’ve still got our naked necks and enjoy seeing them wander through the farm yard.

For obvious reasons they are very easy to prepare for the table



Indian game birds being originally bred in Cornwall for meat. Our pair was a gift from a friend.  A full grown bird looks fierce and stout, surprisingly they are very quiet and friendly birds. Indian Game birds can become tricky to pick up due to its width. They do need to have low perches and large pop holes to get through.

Our game birds arrived as a gift from friends and needless to say, I don’t expect to see them appear on our table

Free range egg laying hens

We have dozens of hens from egg laying breeds. Some recognised breeds like the Friesian,  Isa brown, legbar,  others are a home bred breed.

Homebred breed

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Geplaatst door RHET Dumfries & Galloway Countryside Initiative op Vrijdag 3 april 2020

The aim was to produce a hen which prolifically lays green or blue eggs

Free Range Friesian  

Friesian hen and chicks
Friesian hen and chicks roosting


The Friesian is an ancient breed of chicken from Friesland  in the Netherlands  We love our ever expanding flock of Friesians since they lay perfectly white eggs, are very self sufficient and excellent mothers.

Friesians like nothing better than to roost up in the rafters and can often be spotted up a tree, laying eggs on the wall head or exploring fields away from the steading looking for exciting new food. They really are an interesting bird to keep





free range legbar cockerel
free range legbar cockerel who is loved


Thanks to laying blue coloured eggs, the Cream Legbar is the most popular autosexing Legbar seen today. It is well-known that genetically, these birds obtained this

trait from the Araucana. The photo is of our Legbar cockerel, “Charles II

The favourite …………….

These “brown hens” may be perceived as boring but the reality is far from this, they are absolute favourite, not because they lay lots of eggs, but because they are such characters………

The photos say it all……
free range Blue naughty hen
free range Blue naughty hen in paint
Graffiti artist blue hen
graffiti artist blue hen
free range hen
free range hen having a cuddle

Here they all are see what breeds you recognise ……..


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