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If you’re considering going cold turkey on turkey for this year’s Christmas Day Lunch – why not go wild and let venison take centre stage?

  • We could bang on about the great health benefits of venison.
  • We could wax lyrical about how venison is recognised as being one of the most nutritious of all red meats and is remarkably low in fat.
  • We could ramble on about how venison is not marbled in the same way as beef and lamb.
  • With less than 2% fat (that’s less than skinless chicken), no salt and no sugar, venison shows green all the way on the ‘Traffic Lights’ scheme.
  • And because it is so low in fat, we could go on and on about its high protein and nutritional content…


Venison Christmas Lunch


…but the main thing about venison is that it’s absolutely DELICIOUS!

Venison Haunch with all the trimmings

In fact it’s so tasty that we think our venison haunch deserves to take centre place as the main event for Christmas Day Lunch. Not only does it deliver a Christmas Table wow, it’s complemented beautifully by the traditional trimmings including our twist on Pigs in Blankets  – our very own Bambis in Blankets -a delicious award winning* venison based sausage wrapped in the finest Ayrshire bacon, delivered to you in an oven ready tray.Sausage wrapped in bacon

Our venison sausage  achieved a 2 STAR Great Taste Award.  Judges described them as:

“Well shaped and sized sausage, the aroma is really good – excellent skin, beautifully made, very well seasoned and excellent gamey shoulder. Belly pork works well with the venison. A wow of a banger. This is a very special sausage”

If you’re not quite ready to make venison the main event this Christmas try starting the day off with our special venison Christmas Breakfast Pack

Christmas Breakfast pack

Reasons to eat venison: The science bit. 

  • An excellent natural source of iron; indeed it delivers more available iron than any other meat, and much more than vegetables.
  • High in Vitamins B6 and B12, potassium, phosphorus, riboflavin and niacin.
  • lower in fat and saturated fat than other red meats, and higher in polyunsaturated fats,

Our parkland venison is ethical, welfare friendly, stress free, low food miles, low carbon footprint, and processed in their natural environment.

Fallow Venison for Christmas Lunch

Not all venison is the same. Availability of venison varies according to the season. This Christmas we’re proud to offer fallow venison, a finer grained meat, ideal for venison beginners and enthusiasts alike with an excellent mild flavour with just the right amount of gamey kick.

Last date for orders –  Thursday 16th December

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  1. I’ve reached the grand old age of 59 and haven’t tasted venison. Must rectify this! Looks and sounds delicious.

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