Moira’s Roast Striploin of Venison

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striploin of venison

How the recipe was developed:

Moira, a valued customer from Moffat created this recipe

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Type of dish:



Fallow venison Striploin 650 g serves 4

Preparation Method:

-Pat venison dry
-brown for 1 minute each side, in a hot pan of mostly butter 2-3 oz, some oil and seasoning.
-remove from pan
-mix a good handful of crushed juniper berries with the left over butter/oil from the frying pan.
-lay venison on tin foil and pour juniper/butter mix over the venison and roll the venison in the mixture
-roll and seal the foil around the venison- like a sausage
-roast in the oven at 210C or 190C for a fan oven. 7/8minutes for 450g of striploin and 9/10minutes for 650g of striploin
-rest for 10 minutes, then serve

Hints and Tips:

A first class meal everytime