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Seasonal Meat

1. What are the deer seasons?

Did you know in Scotland venison is actually available all year round?

Providing you are not fussy about the species or gender of venison either roe buck or roe doe venison is available all year. Millbank Parkland Fallow venison is available from 1st August until 30th April


2. Why is wild shot venison a seasonal meat?

Wild shot venison is seasonal to ensure the natural breeding and young rearing cycle of deer is not disturbed.

In May our deer are casting their dead winter coat and the males are casting antlers in preparation for a shinny summer coat a brand new set of antlers. Hopefully a decent set of antlers will assist the bucks to attract the ladies in the rut.

3. Venison is value for money

The wild deer population has never been larger in the UK and due to a short hunting season, our Wild Roe boxes are extremely great value for money they are available all year round. We offer Free delivery for orders over £100.

Did you know has less fat than a skinned breast of chicken?
haunch steak

4. It’s easy to prepare

Don’t be put off Millbank Venison has a great selection of prepared cuts of meat such as venison steaks and fillet, or sausages and grill packs.

venison salad

5. Low carbon footprint

All the venison sold is not intensively farmed and sourced locally, the carbon footprint of the industry is relatively small, with very few miles from ‘farm to fork’.

6. Conservation and sustainability

The wild venison industry plays a fundamental role in managing the populations of these animals in the UK; without the work of SNH, landowners and Eskdalemuir Forestry, populations would increase to unsustainable levels.

7. Venison is antibiotic-free

With growing concerns about over-consumption of meat containing antibiotics and antibiotic resistance in the headlines, we are very proud to say our farmed deer and wild deer meat  is antibiotic-free.

9. Venison is flavoursome

These wild animals walk, and run all day, working their muscles making their meat far more flavoursome than domesticated animals. We hang all our deer meat with the skin on for an optimum of 10 days. The result is a wonderful rich flavour unlike any other.

10. It’s versatile

People often shy away from preparing deer meat, as they are unsure on the best recipes. Prepare it much the same as any other meat. It will combine perfectly with produce that is also in season such as hedgerow fruit and root vegetables

This Blog has been based on ideas from and Evening Standard Food and Drink Article by Katie Laugh

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