Sustainable Packaging

Millbank Venison

Sustainable, Ethical, High Animal Welfare, Low Carbon, Nutritious

Sustainable Packaging

We have tried to make the most sustainable packaging choices for you.

Here’s some information behind our packaging choices.

We want the sustainability, quality and appearance of our packaging to reflect the high quality and sustainability of our venison.

  • Plastic trays

Our plastic trays protect the venison and ensure hygiene, although they are recyclable once rinsed, we do try to minimise their use.

  • Vacuum pouches

Vacuum pouches are a very sustainable method of packaging they enhance the shelf-life of the venison, protect the venison during transit and in the freezer and once rinsed are recyclable. The problem is they don’t always complement the appearance of our venison.

  • Polystyrene Mail order packaging

We have teamed up with a local company to save their temperature controlled polystyrene boxes from the bin. Although polystyrene does not seem to be the most environmentally sensitive choice it is undoubtedly the best option to keep the temperature controlled for mail-order in hot weather or if there is the likelihood of a postal delay. Polystyrene is also very light weight and adds some protection to our venison.  Please try to reuse the polystyrene box.

  • Cardboard and Wool-Cool mail order packaging

Cardboard and wool cool are fully compostable products, however we may not use them if your venison is likely to be delivered during hot weather or at a busy time of year when it may be of risk of a postal delay. Please try to reuse the cardboard and Wool-Cool. If you can’t think of a use for it please recycle the cardboard and compost the wool cool.

  • Compostable carrier bags v’s paper carrier bags

After significant research we have discovered that contrary to popular believe using composable carrier bags is far more sustainable than paper bags or “Bags for Life”. “Bags for Life” must be used 1000’s and 1000’s of times before they are a sustainable choice.

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We are coming to the end of our fallow venison season. We may not be able to for fill online orders for a couple of weeks after you have placed an order. Please phone or e-mail before ordering to check availability.
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