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Millbank Venison

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Wood Fuel Hot Tub Instructions

Sufficient logs will be left by the tub for you to get the tub up to temperature. Lighting the tub is easy once you have looked over the Wood Fuel Hot Tub instructions. Tubs typically take 6-8hrs to heat depending on climatic conditions.

It is your pleasurable responsibility to read the H&S guidelines then heat the tub, there will be enough logs to get the tub up to temperature and more logs are available to buy, but you are quite welcome to bring your own.

Safety Considerations

  • Read the hot tub safety advice
  • Always wear the gloves provided when lighting, stoking or checking the fire
  • Do not touch the stove or flue- it is very hot
  • Always use the stove lid handles with fire gloves- this is the only safe way to lift the stove lid.
  • Do not over or under fill the tub with water.
  • Always use two people to lift on and off the wooden hot tub lid- it is very heavy
  • Use the paddle to evenly distribute heat throughout the water in the tub.
  • Only burn logs- no coal or rubbish
  • Extreme heat is dangerous- do not get in the hot tub if its greater than 40 ◦C
  • Water should be in the hot tun for a maximum of 5 hours when filled. The hot tub should be drained and cleaned between each use
  • Wooden Hot Tubs should not be left full of water.

Let’s Get Started 

To light the hot tub

  • Check that there is sufficient water in the tub
  • Use the fire-starting kit-
  • Remove the lid of the fire chamber
  • Put a few little fire lighters in the base of the stove chamber and some kindling
  • Light a fire lighter and lower it down into the chamber
  • Once this fire has started taking hold you can start adding more smaller wood

To heat the tub to temperature

  1. Once the fire is going properly you can add larger logs
  • Fill the stove chamber with logs and put the lid on, but ensure you leave a gap down the side of the lid so that air can get to the fire. You should start to notice smoke coming out the chimney rather than coming out the top of the stove
  • It will take 6-8 hours for the tub to get up to temperature.
  • Always use 2 people to remove and replace the large wooden hot tub lid.
  • Only burn the logs provided- no coal and no rubbish please


  1. The target temperature is between 35 and 40 degrees and the thermometer can be found in the lid of the tub.
  • Always use 2 people to remove and replace the large wooden hot tub lid.
  • before checking the temperature of the water in the stir the paddle across the water quite vigorously to distribute the heat around the tub then take the temperature of it all
  • If you want to stabilise the temperature slide stove laid over to the left to stop oxygen getting into the stove and therefore stopping it getting any hotter
  • To heat up the tub- should you find you tub becomes cool while you’re in it slide it over to the right again this allows the oxygen back into the stove and will start heating the water again
  1. After use, pull the plug out and open the tap to drain the tub (there is a hook on the end of the brush in case you forget to pull the plug out when you get out)

Cleaning and Refilling the tub

There is tub cleaning equipment in the wood shed.

  • Once the hot tub is empty spray the interior of the tub with the bleach solution in the hand held sprayer. Leave for a minimum of 10 minutes
  • Scrub the inside of the tub with the brush
  • Connect the brass end of the hose to the tap under the double bedroom window and rinse out and drain the hot tub
  • Once the hot tub is clean, shut the tap and put the plug in.
  • Fill the hot tub with fresh water until the water lever is just about the round holes on the wood stove. This will take about 1 ½ hrs.
  • Once the hot tub is full of water light the stove
  • No need to clean empty the ash from the stove chamber
  • Target Temperature is between 35 and 40 degrees Celsius.
  • Once the tub gets past 40 degrees the temperature can become uncomfortable and dangerous.


Summary of things to remember

  • Extreme heat in the water is dangerous, do not get in if the temperature is above 40◦C
  • Always use the fire gloves when stoking or lighting the fire
  • Do not touch the fire or flue.
  • Only use plastic glasses in the tub- absolutely no glass.
  • Do not place anything near the flue or stove – if will burn
  • Change the water every session
  • Hot Tubs should not be left full of water.
  • Read the hot tub safety advice
  • Relax and enjoy your time here.


“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.”

Extra logs – £5 per sack.

All the proceeds from wood sales are invested back to planting hedges and trees around the farm.

Logs can be found in the store which is on your left before the farm yard gate.


Find out about prices and availability.

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