Fallow Deer Season Ends

Fallow Deer Season Ends

Fallow Deer Season Ends The fallow deer season ends in Scotland at the end of April. We will not have any fallow venison for sale until August. We continue to sell local wild roe deer through out the summer. Please read on to see why our venison is a natural, seasonal high animal welfare product. […]

We’re off…..

Farmers Market

Its the start of the fallow season on 1st August, and we continue to have some wild roe venison. We will have the very best of venison for sale until the new year. Read on to find out which markets we attend Dumfries Farmers Market On 1st Sunday of the monthh we will be at Dumfries Farmers Market from […]

Gift Hamper

Scottish Venison box

Gift Hampers and Vouchers available to buy for presents Gift Hampers available and delivered locally for free. Hampers start from £25 upwards. Hampers or gift vouchers are the ideal Birthday, Christmas or Thank you present. To order one contact us directly or order one from our on-line shop

Stags are in velvet

Our 3 year old stag, has grown his new antlers and is looking to loose his velvet. Once the Velvet has been shed, the “rut” will begin.October is the most exciting time of year to watch our deer as they engage in fierce mating battles.Rutting activity is most intense soon after dawn, though some activity […]

2019/20 Season

The fallow venison season has started and we were back at our first market in Dumfries on Sunday. Our venison can be purchased on-line, over the telephone and from one of 7 local Farmers Markets: Dumfries Farmers market on 1st Sunday of the month Langholm Farmers Market on 1st Saturday of the month Houghton Villiage […]


The deer are all out at grass and their antlers are growing rapidly It is thought that antlers can grow up to an inch per day at this time of year

Cast Antlers

Our stunning Sika stag lost his antlers today and this is the winner of the “hunt the antler competition” I think the antlers look better with our Sika Stag


Tilly our little liver working cocker has 3 puppies. Today by ceaser our littler working cocker Tilly has had 3 puppies. Tilly was busy working (looking for deer) up until the last couple of days.  Thank you to Ark Vet Centre for their safe arrival.

2017 Season

After a very busy December we don’t have any Farmers Market until February, however we do have plenty of fresh venison available at the farm, so please just give us a call. You can find us at the following farmers markets in February. Langholm Farmers Market On Saturday 4th February at Langholm Farmers Market, Buccleuch Centre from 9am to 1pm. Dumfries […]

Red deer deantlering

Over the years we have been steadily growing our farmed red deer herd. This year we successfully and safely deantlered the stags before sale. The handeling equipment was designed and built by Gareth- the silent worker/boss of Millbank Venison. We felt it was quite tricky to explain our designs to a fabricator and none of […]