Red Plum Sauce and Venison Medallions

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How the recipe was developed:

Red Plum Sauce is an idea from Clive and Barbra Thawley from Moffat Farmers Market, who have developed and shared the recipe with us.

Difficulty Level:


Type of dish:

Main or Starter


125g of sirloin medallions or haunch steaks per person. 8 oz Red plums, destone and halved
1 Small cooking apple, peeled, cored and sliced
2 fl oz white wine vinegar
1 Fresh red chilli, deseeded and finely chopped
3 oz Caster sugar, or to taste
2 fl water
Seasoning and a little butter and or oil for frying

Preparation Method:

Put all the ingredients together in a plan on a low heat until the sugar has dissolved
Bring to the boil and partially cover and simmer for 30/40 minutes or until the fruit has cooked down.
Season the medallions and fry them for less than a minute each side and set aside on a warmed plate to rest. while you serve

Hints and Tips:

The fruit can be portioned up and frozen to be used an other time