Seasonal Meat

seasonal meat

Seasonal Meat 1. What are the deer seasons? Did you know in Scotland venison is actually available all year round? Providing you are not fussy about the species or gender of venison either roe buck or roe doe venison is available all year. Millbank Parkland Fallow venison is available from 1st August until 30th April […]

Sustainable Packaging

sustainable packaging

Sustainable Packaging We have tried to make the most sustainable packaging choices for you. Here’s some information behind our packaging choices. We want the sustainability, quality and appearance of our packaging to reflect the high quality and sustainability of our venison. Plastic trays Our plastic trays protect the venison and ensure hygiene, although they are […]

Things to do in D&G

things to do in D&G Things to do in D&G while staying at Curlew Cottage Things to do in D&G is no problem while staying at Curlew Cottage. Since it is surrounded by the Moffat hills, Dumfriesshire countryside with good transport routes across and out of the region.  The best way to spend a family day on holiday Our […]

Local Producers Working Together

local producers working together

Local producers working together in towns and villages across Dumfries & Galloway have helped people to connect with quality local food and drink and crafts – particularly through Farmers’ Markets.   Dumfries & Galloway has an abundance of fantastic artisan food producers and craft makers, creating quality products that are bursting with passion and flavour. Why […]