Venison Sausage meat

£15/kg Venison Sausage Meat

A very popular product for stuffing the Christmas table bird or just simple sausage rolls.



Venison sausage meat  £15/kg

A very popular product for stuffing the Christmas table bird or just simple sausage rolls.

Venison sausage meat not only adds flavour but also moisture to your turkey

We have gluten free sausage  meat too.

The ideal choice of sustainable stuffing to lift the flavour of your turkey for the environmental conscious, health conscious cook looking for a very versatile meat on a budget.

Recipe suggestions…….

Scottish venison is seasonal and sustainably produced. We pay 100% attention to the welfare of the deer to produce a top quality product.

Venison is seasonal

Our  Scottish Venison sausage meat may vary on species of venison depending upon the season. We have wild Scottish venison which includes red deer, roe deer and sika deer, parkland fallow venison and parkland sika venison available. Please contact us if you have a specific request.

Venison is very healthy

Importantly. venison is regarded as the premier meat for the health conscious. Scottish venison has lowest fat, lowest cholesterol and the highest protein content of any meat combined with high iron content and omega 3.  Above all, venison is ideal for those on a healthy or low cholesterol diet.

Is all venison the same?

Not all venison is the same.  As a result, venison varies within species, age, gender, whether farmed venison or wild venison as well as the condition and health status of the deer. There are 6 deer species in the UK. We select Scotland’s finest venison, which include sika, red, roe and fallow.

Delivery Charges

£10.00 per order or FREE on orders over £110.00, or you could order your venison here and collect it from one of the farmers’ markets we attend.

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Pack Size

300g, 400g, 500g, 1kg


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After 30th April the fallow venison season is closed so we only sell wild roe venison when it is available, therefore it may take us a couple of weeks to forfill your order during the summer months.
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