Green Challenge

Green Challenge

Green Challenge Food Eat seasonally Plan your meals to avoid food waste Cook in bulk and freeze Use the milkman and have your milk delivered Buy fruit and veg in paper bags Campaign for paper fruit and veg bags Eat up your leftovers Vary your flour use – use spelt and rye Use a local […]

Go wild with venison for Christmas lunch

Venison Cabbage Wild Mushroom

If you’re considering going cold turkey on turkey for this year’s Christmas Day Lunch – why not go wild and let venison take centre stage? We could bang on about the great health benefits of venison. We could wax lyrical about how venison is recognised as being one of the most nutritious of all red […]

Seasonal Meat

seasonal meat

Seasonal Meat 1. What are the deer seasons? Did you know in Scotland venison is actually available all year round? Providing you are not fussy about the species or gender of venison either roe buck or roe doe venison is available all year. Millbank Parkland Fallow venison is available from 1st August until 30th April […]

Fallow Deer Season Ends

Fallow Deer Season Ends

Fallow Deer Season Ends The fallow deer season ends in Scotland at the end of April. We will not have any fallow venison for sale until August. We continue to sell local wild roe deer through out the summer. Please read on to see why our venison is a natural, seasonal high animal welfare product. […]

Sustainable Meat

Sustainable Meat

Sustainable Meat – Venison is the ultimate sustainable meat Deer are wild. Even when they’re farmed, they resist domestication. This means they’re always free-range and are not intensively produced, the ultimate sustainable meat. Wild deer populations are booming In Scotland the deer population has been booming. With no natural predator left over recent years and […]

Friday Night Treat Night Take-Away

Venison sausage in red wine

Friday Night Treat Night from  The ‘fechan Dinner, Ecclefechan. Friday Night Treat Night Take- Away is an inspirational idea from a local Truckstop,  The’fechan Dinner based 300m from J19 of the M74 at Ecclecfechan. So. Introducing. Drum roll…. Friday Treat Night Takeaway The first one will be Friday 22nd January: A Taste of Scotland £15 […]

Our Sika Stag Gets Ready for the Rut

Sika Stag

It’s September in our deer park here at Millbank Parkland Venison and the red stags have all shed their velvet. The Sika Stag has been a bit slower this year, often up to six weeks behind. You can see from the video that this summer our Sika Stag seems to have had an incident and […]