Green Challenge

Green Challenge

Green Challenge Food Eat seasonally Plan your meals to avoid food waste Cook in bulk and freeze Use the milkman and have your milk delivered Buy fruit and veg in paper bags Campaign for paper fruit and veg bags Eat up your leftovers Vary your flour use – use spelt and rye Use a local […]

Venison Recipe Ideas

Venison Recipe Ideas

Venison Steak Recipe ideas – from our customers Venison recipe ideas are something one of our long standing customers Barbra Thorley from Moffat is not short of. Barbra and her husband, Clive have always enjoyed our venison striploin medallions. Cooking local and seasonally they have come up with 3 ideas for sauces- Fennel and leek- […]

White Red Deer

white red deer

White Red Deer Meet “Wit” our white Red Deer Stag   How Rare are White Deer?  The British Deer Society regularly receives queries about white deer and how rare they might be. Fallow In most cases, the white deer are usually fallow, a species that is widely distributed across much of the UK and for […]

Sustainable Christmas Gift

Sustainable Christmas gift

Having a sustainable Christmas on a budget is increasingly important to us all. Not just the environmental conscious and health conscious. Here at Millbank Venison we have lots to choose from : The Foodie Gift A gift box of  Scottish venison is the ideal ethical gift of delicious meat. Suitable for anyone with a taste […]

Seasonal Meat

seasonal meat

Seasonal Meat 1. What are the deer seasons? Did you know in Scotland venison is actually available all year round? Providing you are not fussy about the species or gender of venison either roe buck or roe doe venison is available all year. Millbank Parkland Fallow venison is available from 1st August until 30th April […]

Sustainable Meat

Sustainable Meat

Sustainable Meat – Venison is the ultimate sustainable meat Deer are wild. Even when they’re farmed, they resist domestication. This means they’re always free-range and are not intensively produced, the ultimate sustainable meat. Wild deer populations are booming In Scotland the deer population has been booming. With no natural predator left over recent years and […]

Why Venison?- 10 reasons!

venison Stir Fry

Why Venison? 1. It’s leaner than farmed meats Venison has a far lower fat content than traditional farmed meats. Deer meat has not undergone selective breeding to increase fat content, which domestic animals have. Deer are more active and eat a natural diet as opposed to grain or corn, which is often fed to domesticated […]

Sustainable Packaging

sustainable packaging

Sustainable Packaging We have tried to make the most sustainable packaging choices for you. Here’s some information behind our packaging choices. We want the sustainability, quality and appearance of our packaging to reflect the high quality and sustainability of our venison. Plastic trays Our plastic trays protect the venison and ensure hygiene, although they are […]

Things to do in D&G

things to do in D&G Things to do in D&G while staying at Curlew Cottage Things to do in D&G is no problem while staying at Curlew Cottage. Since it is surrounded by the Moffat hills, Dumfriesshire countryside with good transport routes across and out of the region.  The best way to spend a family day on holiday Our […]

Farmers Market

farmers market

Farmers Market Farmers’ and community markets are the perfect way to discover and enjoy a wealth of delicious local food and drink and beautiful hand made crafts, all created by producers and craft makers living and working in Dumfries & Galloway. Find out more about Dumfries & Galloway’s markets by exploring DG Markets Site and […]