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Venison Steak Recipe ideas – from our customers

Venison recipe ideas are something one of our long standing customers Barbra Thorley from Moffat is not short of. Barbra and her husband, Clive have always enjoyed our venison striploin medallions. Cooking local and seasonally they have come up with 3 ideas for sauces-

  1. Fennel and leek- in February these are the only things I have left in the garden and it is so easy to wash, chop and fry the fennel and leeks together with butter before flash frying the medallions or venison steaks.
  2. Damson jam – warm it gently do not boil and add a gin to taste- Barbara uses Carwinly Preserves from Moffat Farmers Market 
  3. Red Plum Sauce– our family favourite the recipe is on our recipe page

venison recipe ideas

Ray and Sharon’s Venison Stroganoff

Ray and Sharon gave me this recipe over 10 years ago, I have used this venison recipe ideas and recommended it many times. The only slight draw back with the recipe, is the difficulty sourcing juniper berries in most main stream supermarkets. I have discovered that his you are not lucky enough to forage in the Scottish countryside you can buy a lifetimes supply from Grapetree for £2!

Their Venison Stroganoff Recipe can be found on our recipe page

venison Stir Fry

Spare Ribs by Fraser and Janice

Chinese Venison Spare Ribs recipe was a recommendation from very valued customers Janice and Fraser, with amazing taste and culinary skills and ideas. They opened my up to the concept of slow cooking venison in a basin and vacuum pouch.

Chinese venison spare ribs


I’ve recently been given an air fryer and have discovered the spare ribs are delicious after simply cooked in the air fryer at 180C for 12 minutes

Laurie’s Lockdown Lunch

Quick stir-fry’s for one are rushed together by Laurie, for a lockdown school lunch. Laurie uses stir-fry venison and what ever vegetables are in season and to hand, the sauce is generally made out of peanut butter, Chinese 5 spice. This is a very easy one of the venison recipe ideas.

The Laurie’s Lockdown lunch’s are notable since they are always made for 1 in a family of 5 and take full advantage of the resources on the farm: fresh garden veg, free range eggs and venison– of course!

venison salad
Tomato, Venison and Poached Egg Salad
sugar snap pea, mixed pepper and venison stirfry
Sugar Snap Pea, Mixed Pepper, Venison and Peanut Stirfry

venison sausage and duck egg salad
Venison and Duck Egg Salad


Venison is sustainable on three levels: 

  1. Ethically – Guaranteed that the animal has lived a life that is wild and free to roam. It really doesn’t get more free range than this!
  2. Environmentally – Keeping the environment healthy that suits deer has benefits for all manner of other indigenous species, flora and fauna.
  3. Economically – By eating game you’re supporting an important part of the rural community that makes our Great British countryside “great”.
Given that Venison is better for you, cheaper and less damaging for the planet than similar meat, try buying venison.


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